The Jury, made up of renowned figures from the world of music and arts, can award the following prizes:

Primer premio
certificate, 8,000 Euros and three concerts for the 2011-2012 season.
Primer premio
certificate and 4,000 Euros
Primer premio
certificate and 2,000 Euros
Primer premio
certificate and 1,000 Euros
Primer premio for the best performance of Spanish Music:
certificate and 500 Euros
Primer premio for the best Spanish Pianist:
certificate and 500 Euros
The first prize:
cannot be shared, while the other prizes may be shared in the event of a tie.
The jury:
The Jury can decide not to award one or more of the prizes. The decisions of the Jury and the announcement of the results are final.
The prizes:
Prizes are subject to the relevant tax laws. It is compulsory for all winners to collect their prize in person. If they are not able to do so, they will lose the right to receive the Prize.

The City Council of Paterna will deliver 16,000 euros in prizes for this first International Piano Contest.